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Join in the online community for your FREE ACCESS to life changing e-courses and weekly messages. Find out how this simple action plan and key habits can transform your daily energy, confidence and over-all health! Avoid the disappointment and burnout of crash diets and endless hours of cardio.

Learn EFFECTIVE lifestyle practices to build your health and physical energy. Learn how to apply these simple strategies from our online course to feel your best and build the foundation of a healthy and enjoyable life!

Join Chris in a 1-to-1 call session to discover what actions and changes to your lifestyle and routines would help you in meeting your health and fitness goals quicker and easier compared to trying to put it all together yourself with no support.

Simply tell me a little about yourself and what it is that you ultimately want to change and what impact you want to have on your life by making a improvements to your self-care. In our call together we will review the best strategy to get you there without being a drain on your time or energy.

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You get access to the exact plan you need to follow over 28-days to improve your freedom of motion in your joints and eliminate stiffness.

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Our Story

As a fitness coach and trainer, my passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle and ultimately be able to experience higher levels of satisfaction in how they look and feel.

My mission is to help people around the world in securing their health and future quality of life as well as deepen their confidence to live as the best version of themselves.

I work with clients online and in-person through personalized training programs with 1-to-1 guidance that gives them the exact action steps and lifestyle upgrades that will revolutionize how their bodies feel and function.

I help my clients and members break through barriers that have continued to get in the way of experiencing the healthy body they deserve. If you are ready to upgrade your health and change the way you feel in your body, you've come to the right place!

-Certified Master Trainer, NFPT

-Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM

-Certified Health Coach, ACE

-Certified Virtual Training Coach, NASM

Coach Chris Patterson

Happy Clients

Susan H.

"Before working with Chris, I was working more than full time and I was very tired all the time no matter what I did. I needed someone like Chris guiding me and keeping me accountable to what I need to do to get the results I wanted."

Toluca Lake, CA

"People I have never met before are saying I look fit, what do I do? And more importantly, my girlfriend says I am looking hot! Chris helped me with nutrition and timing while keeping me on track with routines I can fit into my hectic lifestyle"

Haiku, HI.

Alex L.

Dominik M.

Burbank, CA.

"Chris developed a program for me in a time when gyms were not open (I do it at home or at the park), and it's having tremendous results! :) The best part is it really doesn't take up much time, which is invaluable for anyone leading a busy life."

The 6-Ways We Help Our VIP's Hit Their Goals!

Lifestyle Success Plan

Proper Nutrition Guidance

Customized Training and Exercise Plan

Letting go of old limiting mindsets and educating yourself on the TRUE driving factors of how you look and feel daily is critical to leaving behind past failure and struggles and going to the next level.

Establish a SOLID plan for how you will need to shape your daily choices and set weekly targets to march toward your goals! Without a clear map, you wont know how to get to where you want to go!

You need to cut through all of the static and mystery that surrounds food choices and have a structured approach to how you will feed your body the highest quality ingredients to optimize your mind and body!

Your exercise and training rituals must fit your lifestyle and your goals. Your program must align with your body & schedule and make it easy to accomplish in your daily life so you don't waste time or struggle to see real results

Coaching & Support

Professional Accountability

Being held accountable to take consistent action on following the road that leads to your growth is one area that so many people overlook. It ends up costing them big time because they let themselves off and reinforce excuses that they will never be able to change

Mindset & Healthy Lifestyle IQ

Every person is individually different and starts from their unique place in life. A personal coach offers support and actionable steps in navigating life challenges and barriers that could get in the way of continued success. Partnering with a coach helps you fast track your results and quickly deal with challenges along your journey.


This program gives you the certainty that you are going to have the right plan, tools and accountability to the actions that are required to be successful in looking and feeling strong from the core of who you are!

We have made it SUPER SIMPLE for you to jump in and get started!

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